Insights 360 - Quick Start Guide

This article is intended for experienced Insights users who need to quickly get up to speed on the recent changes, or new Power Users who just want the best hits! For full definitions on the datapoints and metrics described below, please visit our Dictionary here.


Welcome to Insights 360!

Please find below descriptions of the new and changed features, functions, and terminology of the new portal.



Under the Hood:

Insights 360 introduces a new frontend data visualization platform as well as a new backend data pipeline and warehouse. These platform changes set us up for enhanced reporting flexibility and future growth!

In addition, we've introduced bot filtering and changed how data in the portal is refreshed:

  • Overview, Product, Module, Retailer, and Campaign tabs refresh once per day in the early morning, Pacific Standard Time.
  • Sales Details tab refreshes every 3 hours and automatically applies updates to historical data where available.
    • Some information in the Sales dataset fills in gradually over time as PriceSpider's systems process the sales and fill in gaps in Retailer's reporting. Generally speaking, sales data can be considered 'complete' after 1 week from date of sale, though this can vary by Retailer.



Insights navigation has been updated with tabs on the left hand side of the portal. Each tab provides a look into one key aspect of Where to Buy success:

  • WTB Performance Overview
    • All the essential KPIs and data in one place.
  • Module Performance
    • Review brand, website, and country performance.
  • Product Performance
    • Monitor shopper interest in your products, categories, and product groups.
  • Retailer Performance
    • Analyze your retail channel; see which Retailers are generating the most value for (and receiving the most value from) your Where to Buy program.
  • Sales Details
    • Dig deeper into your shopper’s purchasing behavior. View the details of your customers' purchases and see their journey end-to-end.
  • Campaign Analysis (subscribed customers only)
    • Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns involving Where to Buy.
    • Identify which marketing channels and strategies are most effective at driving Where to Buy traffic and sales
      • If this tab is not accessible, but you believe your account is subscribed to Shoppable WTB or Campaign Tracking, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for assistance.



See a detailed guide to the new Filter system here.

Unlike the previous version of Insights, filters will not automatically apply when selected! To re-run your dashboard with a new set of filters, click on the blue arrow button in the top right corner. If this button is not blue, then no filters have changed since the last run.


  • Other notable changes:
    • New ‘Product Group’ and ‘Category’ filters
    • Expanded date range options
    • New and improved multi-select and search options
    • Updated ‘Saved Filters' feature (Saved Filters will carry over between dashboards)

Please note - Insights 360 makes data available back to January 1st, 2022. If you select a Date Filter setting that includes dates prior to 1/1/2022, those dates will not contain data.



Why these changes? To better align PriceSpider’s terminology with common industry definitions of “conversion”, and to orient around measuring a shopper’s journey through the the different layers of the purchase funnel.

Old Term New Term Notes


Purchase Lead (aka. "Lead")

No changes to how these are captured or recorded, simply updates to the terminology



Click-Through Rate

Lead Conversion Rate

These updated Rate metrics improve on the old versions in several ways:

  • They utilize “unique” Impressions and Leads.

  • Lead Conversion Rate ('LCR') excludes Leads from “Ad”-type modules.

    • “Ad” modules are tracking links which do not collect Impressions, preventing the calculation of an accurate LCR.

Conversion Rate

Purchase Rate


Unique Impressions & Unique Leads

Insights will now primarily report on “unique” Impressions and Leads. This makes our Rate metrics more accurate at measuring a shopper’s movement from Awareness → Intent → Purchase, and is part of an expanded effort to eliminate bot traffic from WTB’s analytics.

Here are a few examples to demonstrate how this works:

  1. If a shopper is looking at Product A and clicks on Amazon, then clicks on Walmart, this counts as two Leads for Product A, but only one Unique Lead for Product A.
  2. If a shopper clicks on two Retailers while looking at Product A, then goes to look at Product B and clicks on two Retailers as well, this will count one Unique Lead for Product A and one Unique Lead for Product B.
    • Note! In examples (1) and (2), each Retailer that is clicked receives its own Lead - these are not deduplicated as part of this process.
  3. If a shopper opens a WTB to look at Product C and changes their location three times to check local store availability in different areas, this counts as four Impressions (one for the initial load, and one for each location change) but only one Unique Impression for Product C.

Unique vs. Total:

    • For context, Insights will display the Total Impression and Lead counts in the KPI tiles at the top of most dashboards
    • A large gap between Total and Unique can represent shoppers performing many additional actions within the WTB prior to getting to their purchasing destination. While this is not always a negative, it is one indicator of an inefficient buying experience - we recommend reaching out to your CSM for advice on how to optimize!


Downloads & Deliveries:

Insights 360 offers several ways to extract data from its dashboards - direct downloads of dashboard and tile contents, and email subscription options.

Please note - there is a limit of 100,000 rows for downloaded and emailed files. For large datasets or very long periods of time, you will need to break up your download into smaller chunks.


Downloading a Dashboard

To download all of the contents of your currently selected dashboard, click on the button with three dots at the very top right corner of the dashboard. This will open a dropdown menu with the 'Download' and 'Schedule Delivery' options.


Selecting 'Download' will open the following menu:


From here, you can select from two format options:

  • PDF - this will download the entire dashboard into a PDF file. This file will include all of the visual elements of the dashboard, including all charts and data tables (though you will not be able to scroll within the data tables).
  • CSV - this will download a zip file containing multiple CSV files- one for each tile on the currently selected dashboard. Use this option to access the raw data behind every tile and graph with a single click!

The other options in this menu can be used to adjust the PDF's layout to your personal preferences.

Give them a try!


Downloading a Tile

To download the contents of a single tile, hover over the tile you wish to download and you’ll see a circular button with three dots appear in the top right corner - clicking this button will open a dropdown with the 'Download data' option.


After clicking 'Download data', you can select from a variety of file format options:


  • Excel (.xlsx) format is selected by default
  • If you're downloading a graph, selecting the 'PNG' option will download the graph as a .png image file, but it will not download the data behind the visualization.
  • Selecting the 'HTML' option and then clicking 'Open in Browser' will open a new browser tab with a data table 


If you’re used to the old Insights Excel download format and would like to know where to go to download the data matching those reports, see below!

Insights Download - Excel Tab

Insights 360 - Dashboard

Insights 360 - Tile

WTB Transaction Detail

Sales Details

‘Purchase Details’ Table

WTB Impressions

WTB Performance Overview

Trend Graph

WTB Click-Throughs

WTB Performance Overview

Trend Graph

WTB Sales

WTB Performance Overview

Trend Graph

WTB Impressions By Product

WTB Performance Overview

‘Products’ Table

WTB Click-Throughs By Product

WTB Performance Overview

‘Products’ Table

WTB Sales By Product

WTB Performance Overview

‘Products’ Table

WTB Units-Sold By Product

Sales Details

‘Purchase Details’ Table

WTB Impressions By Seller

WTB Performance Overview

‘Retailers’ Table

WTB Click-Throughs By Seller

WTB Performance Overview

‘Retailers’ Table

WTB Sales By Seller

WTB Performance Overview

‘Retailers’ Table

WTB Sales and Traffic Summary

WTB Performance Overview

‘Retailers’ Table

WTB Seller Catalog

*Coming Soon* 

*Coming Soon* 

Campaign Tracking Summary

Campaign Analysis

‘Campaign Details’ Table

Campaign Tracking By Seller

Campaign Analysis

'Campaign/Retailer' table

* An enhanced version of WTB Seller Catalog (and the associated 'Seller Catalog' tab in the portal) will be brought back in a future Insights 360 release, alongside other data to help our customers better measure the health of their WTB program.


Creating an email delivery:

To schedule an email delivery of your selected dashboard, click on the button with three dots at the very top right corner of the dashboard. This will open a dropdown menu with the 'Download' and 'Schedule Delivery' options.

Please note - deliveries are only available for Dashboards at this time


Selecting 'Schedule delivery' will open the following menu:


From here, you can:

  • Enter a name for your delivery
    • Scheduled deliveries will be visible to everyone with an Insights login for your account, so we recommend giving your delivery a unique name!
  • Enter one or more email addresses to receive the delivery
  • Set the delivery's recurrence (how often it is sent) and delivery time
  • Choose the file format you'd like to receive (similar options to Downloads described above)
  • Use the 'Filters' tab to change the contents of the delivery
    • By default, the delivery will use the filters you had set on the dashboard when you opened the Schedule Delivery menu
  • Configure Advanced Options
    • Please note - the 'include links' option is not functional in this version of Insights 360. Links will be included in outgoing emails, but they will not lead back to the dashboard that created the delivery. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to enable this functionality in the future.

A few notes regarding the Recurrence options:


  • Selecting 'Hourly' or 'Minutes' delivery options is not recommended. This will result in the same data being delivered over and over again, as most of the dashboards update once per day.
  • 'Datagroup update' is an admin option that will have no function except for internal PriceSpider users.
  • Please note - the 'Test Now' feature is not functional in this version of Insights 360.mceclip0.png
    • Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with your account! This feature is only enabled for PriceSpider admins at this time. To test a delivery you are creating, follow these steps instead:
      • Set the Recurrence field to "Send now"mceclip1.png
      • Then hit the blue 'Send' button! This works exactly the same as Test Now.
      • Don't forget to switch the Recurrence back to the desired frequency and hit Save!

Edit or delete an existing delivery:

Navigate back to the dashboard where you created the delivery and open the Schedule Delivery menu again:


From here, you can edit, rename and test any active schedule under your account.

Please note - this menu will show all active deliveries for your account; take care to ensure that you are only editing your own deliveries or you may have a grumpy colleague to contend with!


This concludes the Insights 360 Quick Start Guide. Good hunting!

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