Using Help Center

Upon accessing our Help Center / you will have 2 options on the top right corner, “Submit a Request” or “Sign In.

Register / Sign In 

  1. If you have not yet created an account for access our Help Center proceed to “Sign In

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  2. On the bottom right corner you can “Sign up” to create an account
 (If you have already signed up for an account but need a new password proceed to “Get a Password” or “Forgotten Password”)

  3. Once you provide your name and email you receive an automated email with a link to set a password for your support account. If you don’t find the email in your inbox, check your spam folder
  4. Once the account and password have been successfully created you can submit a ticket request

Submit a Support Ticket Request

Once signed into your support account you can contact our support team through “Submit a Request

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  1. Be sure to select “Commerce Connector by PriceSpider” as the “PriceSpider product of your request”
  2. Mandatory information that needs to be provided:
  3. Your email Address
  4. Product (e.g. Account access to tool, Analytics report, Retailer Connection, etc)    
  5. URL - PDP (Product Detail Page), retailer or N/A if not applicable
  6. Brand - needing the support
  7. Subject - what this request is concerning
  8. Description - details such as list of EANs, retailers, product links, etc. 

Additional useful information that can be added:

  • CC - adding team members to support thread 
  • Country Selector - if your Brand has multiple country licenses
  • Attachments - screenshots show issue being reported by you




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