How to Connect / Display Retailers

If the desired retailer isn’t visible on the product page of the brand website, follow the suggestions below: 

  • Check if shop is prioritized / activated in the “Online Retailers” section of your Commerce Connector account (shops only get displayed if priority > 0)
  • Check if the EAN is listed in the retailers product list. Go to Channel Analytics (accessible via “Products” module) → “Product Analysis” → filter for the EAN and SubID → you will get an overview of all retailers having the EAN in stock including the delivery time as well as if the shop is activated and can be displayed 

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Adding Local (Physical Stores) Retailer

Adding Local Stores is a similar process to adding products to the catalog. On the Home page of your Commerce Connector account click on the module “Local Retailers.”

  1. Select the country if you have access multi-country access
  2. Download/save the existing product list
  3. Add local store data to the downloaded Excel file in the same format

    Mandatory information:

    - ID is the Store Identifier, which can be any random number. The only requirement is that each entry must be unique

    - Country is composed by 2 letters country codes e.g. DE, CA, BR (full list can be found HERE)

    - Dealer type e.g. pharmacy, local store, etc.

    - Street name and building number

    - City

    - Zip code


    Additional information:

    - Phone Number

    - Opening Hours

    - Website

  4. Save the new Local Store file to your computer

  5. Upload the list in your admin panel by choosing “Update” (accepted format CSV or an Excel)

  6. Wait until the upload results are shown in the result pop-up

  7. Compare the “Total number” of stores in the uploaded file to know how many are “New”, “Updated” and “Unmodified”. If you receive error messages because of “Copy” or “Invalid” and are not able to correct the error, please reach out to our support via our Help Center

Please keep in mind that Local Store setup is only available for Brands that have subscribed to the “Buy Now In Store” license.

Local Store Feed template HERE 

Online Retailer Connection Request

If a retailer you would like to display on your brand’s website through the Buy Button isn’t visible in your account reach out to our support team via Help Center to let them know which online retailers you need connected.

  1. Get in touch with your online retail partners and present our cooperation.  
    If you are interested in sales data, please check with your online partner if they are willing to share this information with Commerce Connector (Sales are usually transmitted by using our conversion tag or via implementing our tag in GTM)
  2. If the online retailer confirms to participate, please send the following information to our Help Center: Name of Retailer, URL of Retailer, Country, Contact Name (first and last), Email of Contact, Sales Requirement yes/no, Brands to be requested. Retailer Request Form template HERE. Our partnership team will include the retailer in the automated outreach.
  3. The minimum required information the retailer has to provide are:
  4. Data feed with at least EAN, deeplink, and delivery time
  5. Shop information (logo, shop URL, etc)
  6. If sales should be transmitted, the data feed needs to contain the net price as well

Activating Connected Online Retailer 

Once an online shop is connected to Commerce Connector you need to activate = prioritize each retailer you would like to display on your brand’s website through the Buy Button. 

  1. On the Home page of your Commerce Connector account click on the module “Online Retailers
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  2. Select the Country you’d like to activate retailers for (in case you multi-country access)
  3. Select the brand touchpoint via the SubID (e.g. Default, Website, Campaign)A screenshot of a computer screen

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  4. You will see an overview of retailers that are connected to our platform and the products from your brand matched via the feed

    Keep in mind this list can also contain online shops that were not requested by your brand but are part of Commerce Connector’s retail network and automatically displayed. They cannot be deleted from your account. They simply to demonstrates all available options but won’t appear on your brand’s website unless selected
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  5. You can filter to see what retailers share sales data by selecting “Sales Transmission” and see what retailers have a specific product from your brand by selecting 1 or several products in “EAN/GTIN” and “Apply Changes
  6. The column “Products” shows the number items retailers shared with us via feed (of products from your brand)
  7. To activate online retailers you must select a priority from 1 to 5 under the column “Priority” and “Save” changes
    - Shops with priority 5 are shown first, while Shops with priority 1 are shown last in the Buy Button
    - Unprioritized online shops are not shown in the Buy ButtonA screenshot of a computer

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  8. Settings for online shops within the same priority level can be managed by clicking on the three dots menu above the priority column, and proceed to “Priority Settings
    - Random order is the default setting (the order in which the retailers appear in automatically changes at random every 30 minutes)
    - Sort by number of listed products, according to actual click rates or alphabetically by shop name


SubID’s are labels that are used to prioritize retailers and it also allows the brand to use this SubID on their website or campaign for tracking and filtering purposes.

For example: 

  • SubID can be labeled as “Website”, “Facebook”, “Campaign”, “Tiktok”, “Influencer”
  • You can select the priorities of as many retailers you would like to display for this SubID in the “Online Retailers” module
  • You can also use a SubID for a Shoppable Campaign and only display retailers you want to see on Social Media (only available for brands that subscribed to our Shoppable license)
  • Analytics data for set SubIDs are available in the “Analytics” module
  • Keep in mind this will not affect the retailer priorities of the Default nor any other SubID you might have

If you would like additional SubIDs to be created for your brand please reach out to our Help Center to submit a ticket request and let our support team know which SubID’s your brand would like to have created.

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