4.01 REST API Integration

Your agency will need the following information in order to implement the Buy Now Button on your brand website:

  1. REST Webservice documentation: https://api.commerce-connector.com/webservice/REST/2.0/doc/
  2. Webservice username
  3. Webservice password
  4. Token

The above details will be provided by your Customer Success Manager, this information will have to be forwarded to your agency by you. Keep in mind the API Integration allows for full customization (done by agency)

How to Configure Widgets

On the Home page of your Commerce Connector account click on the module “Integrations” and proceed to select “WTB Widget” or “Store Finder

  1. Click on the top right corner “Create New Widget” Select if you want to configure an inline widget (no CTA) or a pop-up widget (CTA button) and choose the settings that fit to your market’s needs:

    - CTA: no button, one button, two buttons

    - Channels: online / local (dependent on the license booked)

    - Possibility of using one or both channels Display both channels separately in two widgets or together in one widget

  2. By using your mouse to go over the titles of the available features to be activated for the Widget, a question mark “?” will appear along with some additional information about that feature:

    - Color schemes, logos, product variant drop-down, online shop settings, filters, local store
    search radius and more… Use the configurator to adjust your widget(s)

    - The smart button “Smart ‘No results’ behavior” is an option that when “Active” will hide unavailable/out of stock results for Buy Now Online. The Smart Channel for Online and In Store gives the possibility of showing the In Store results while hiding the Online Channel tab if there is no stock available

    - Sticky button constantly displays “Buy Now” as the brand’s customer scroll up and down through the website page, while the default button is locked to its designated area

Please keep in mind that the to add product title and photo our support team needs to be contacted to enable this feature, and photos have lthe image link (including protocol https). Also, integration testing should be done in a test environment by the brand/agency


Additional Widget Features

  1. Widget Performance where we track several events happening on the widget. All events are pulled into your Google Analytics, but you can also use the Commerce Connector admin panel to check these metrics. In the Widget module by clicking on “Performance” you can filter your results:

    - You can choose to see” Online” or “In Store” data and a single widget by clicking on “All Widgets” and selecting one

    - By “Performance KPIs” you can select the Timeframe, Country and SubID

    Keep in mind:

    - Go over the icon to see the KPI explanation

    - The trending information is based on your set timeframe. If you choose “current quarter” we will compare the current data to the one of the last quarter

    - Widget Performance Insights shows results that happened some minutes before (latency ca. 10-15 minutes)

    - You can access the full list of tracked events through “Documentation” → “Integration” → “Performance Insight

  2. Widget Documentation is where key data for the Widget setup is available.

    - You can access Token and Widget ID through “Documentation” → “Getting Started

    - Under “Integrations” → “Widget” you will have access to snippet attributes and script code



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