Unplanned Maintenance Window - September 9th, 2021


We have encountered some issues in conjunction with one of our technology partners and have opened an unplanned maintenance window to resolve them. Our teams will be working around the clock until all services are fully restored.

During this time consumers utilizing the Where To Buy experience will continue to be redirected through to retailers successfully and the sales data from those transactions will continue to be captured.

The Insights portal will have intermittent availability and there will be a delay in new data for subscribed reports and data reaching the portal. Other background processes and services are also affected which could impact your experience.

We will send an additional message at the conclusion of the unplanned maintenance when all aspects are functioning as usual.

Please note PROWL and Brand Monitor are unaffected.

9/10/21 09:35 AM - EASTERN

Our teams have worked through the night and are continuing to work on the system maintenance.

9/10/21 11:45 AM - EASTERN

Our teams and our technology partners are making progress. At this time, there is no ETA.

9/10/21 2:35 PM - EASTERN

We expect the most important impacted services to begin coming back online throughout today and over the weekend. All services are expected to be fully restored by end-of-day Monday or early Tuesday at the latest.

9/10/21 5:35 PM - EASTERN

Our teams and our technology partners are making progress. We are seeing improvements and expect those to continue as we work throughout the night and weekend. We appreciate your patience during this time. We will continue to post updates throughout the weekend as relevant updates are available and will provide a full status update on Monday.

9/14/21 9:30 PM - EASTERN

Where to Buy services have been restored as of Tuesday at 12:30pm PST.


This unplanned maintenance was triggered by an attempted cyber-attack on PriceSpider. Our security, infrastructure, and architecture worked as intended. The intrusion was detected, stopped, and none of our customer data was breached.
In response to this attempt, we have engaged third-party security experts to continue to evolve our security measures and to continue to stay abreast of today’s ever-changing cyber threat environment. We are committed to the continued security and stability of the platform that we have consistently delivered over the past 17 years.
We apologize for any interruptions in service you may have experienced due to the implementation of our security protocols. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we took these necessary measures in response to this attempted intrusion.


If you have additional questions about this incident, submit a request for support.

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